7 natural ways to remove blackheads From Nose-Permanently

7 natural ways to remove blackheads From Nose-Permanently

How to remove blackheads from nose permanently

Like acne, blackheads are a nightmare for many faces. It is indeed one of the most frequent beauty problems. So how do you remove blackheads and prevent their recurrence? Here are 7 natural ways to remove blackheads from the nose permanently.

But by the way, what is the cause of blackheads? And are we all equal before this skin problem? Well not quite. You should already know that there are two kinds of black dots:

the open comedo, often linked to acne. We owe its appearance on our nose, our forehead, or our chin to an excess of sebum which remains blocked in the sebaceous gland. Because of this sebum plug and the dead cells that accumulate, there is a small comedo (also called keratinocyte) that turns black by sebum oxidation.
blackheads linked to large pores. The impurities linked to pollution and other external aggressions are encrusted in the open pores and cause black spots. But there is no button appearance.
Note that, although all skin types can be subject to blackheads, combination skin and oily skin are the most affected by this phenomenon because they produce a lot of sebum and have more enlarged pores.

7 natural ways to remove blackheads from nose permanently

1. Cleaning the skin is essential

Fortunately, however, blackheads are not inevitable. The first step to remove them and limit their appearance: take care of your face and cleanse your skin properly morning and evening. To remove make-up, choose a product suited to your skin type. For example, an overly aggressive makeup remover could attack the skin and promote sebum production. Also, watch out for often oily comedogenic makeup removers. Finally, if you use a product that is applied with your fingers as a cleansing oil, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after application.

In addition to regular make-up removal to remove impurities and sebum residues, a good beauty routine is accompanied by cleansing with a gentle cleansing gel to make skin clean. For this step, some may prefer to use a facial cleansing brush for optimal face washing.
If you have sensitive skin or want a little fresh air, you can finish your cleansing with a small spray of thermal water. You have beautiful, healthy skin, free of the factors favoring the appearance of blackheads (pollution, impurities, traces of sebum, etc.)

2. Hydrate your skin properly

Nickel skin also requires good hydration. Here again, care is taken to choose the treatment suited to your skin type. If you have oily skin, opt for mattifying moisturizers which will help regulate excess sebum and refine the texture of the skin. You have rather dry or sensitive skin, prefer a rich moisturizer with soothing active ingredients. And if you have acne-prone skin, choose an anti-blemish formula.
And for efficiency at the top of your care, remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly before application. And dose the right amount of product: the cream must be absorbed entirely by the skin.

3. The facial sauna, our best ally

Another tip to eliminate blackheads: unclog your pores with a small session of the facial sauna. Boil water in a container and place your face on top for about ten minutes. This steam bath will allow the pores of your skin to expand and this will facilitate the extraction of blackheads.

If you remove them yourself, whether with a blackhead extractor (also called a blackhead vacuum cleaner), a blackhead remover, or simply with two cotton swabs, be sure to wash your hands beforehand, disinfect the area before and after and use a tissue to wipe your face. Also be careful not to be too aggressive with your skin at the risk of promoting infections and irritations.

4. Exfoliation, a good weekly reflex

For purified skin, a good exfoliation is an essential step once a week. This allows us to deeply remove all impurities from the face and thus prevent the appearance of blackheads. Again, be sure to choose a scrub based on your skin type. If you have reactive skin, prefer a grain-free scrub (based on acids or enzymes) which will "nibble" on impurities without attacking your skin, and without the need to rub the face. Oily skin and combination skin will prefer a facial exfoliate with small or medium grains to avoid attacking the skin.

5. The green clay mask, the magic ingredient

For beautiful skin without imperfections, green clay is a precious ally. This ingredient attracts sebum and impurities, responsible for the appearance of these unsightly blackheads. Here is a small recipe for a homemade absorbent mask to be made once a week to remove blackheads from the face, especially in the T zone (nose, forehead, chin):

Mix 2 tablespoons of powdered green clay, 2 tablespoons of mineral water and 1 teaspoon of hazelnut oil to obtain a smooth paste;
Apply the preparation in a thick layer on the clean face, avoiding the lips and eyes
* Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. If the mask becomes too dry, you can moisten it slightly with a water mist;
Gently rinse

6. Express anti blackhead tips

If you don't want or don't have the time to remove your blackheads manually or with an extractor, there are express products to do the job for you. Often presented in the form of patches or anti-come done strips, these products soften the plugs and attract dead cells and sebum to the outside of the skin. The impurities stick to the inside of the patch and there is clearer skin. But be careful, remove the strip very delicately so as not to attack the skin! A method to avoid if you have particularly sensitive and reactive skin.

7. The esthetician or dermatologist

Removing blackheads without damaging the epidermis or causing inflammation requires great care. If you are not sure of your move, do not hesitate to make an appointment with an esthetician for a thorough cleaning, or with your dermatologist so that we explain to you how to remove your blackheads safely.

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